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Are you overbooked, overwhelmed or overtired?

 Learn how to be the RISING TIDE that lifts all ships in your life!



Private Coaching  with Yoga Nidra

Life can be pretty stressful, am I right?  It can feel like our circumstances dictate our peace of mind and this can make us feel out of control, resentful or, at the very least, exhausted.  Most of us are so busy being busy (or surviving the day) that we've normalized speed, stress and life on auto-pilot to the point where we feel its just part of the job. 

IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE THIS WAY.  It's old programming that can YOU can update.  You just have to say YES to looking through a new, upgraded lens. 

Take some time to invest in your energy and well being.  In a 45 min complimentary coaching call, we'll go over my coaching philosophy, take you through a free assessment and uncover the clarity you need to make the next RIGHT decision for YOU.  

More Details

Coaching (after initial assessment) Includes:

1:1 virtual sessions with Deb

Access to countless Yoga Nidra Meditations and Deb's Self Care Sun (including personalized recommendations  for spiritual practices, time management, hobbies, habits, rest, movement,  writing prompts, mindfulness activities, etc)

Weekly support and accountability in re-training old programming 

No Meditation experience necessary.