Deb Lauren

Certified Yoga Nidra Instructor and Leader of Blooming Post Divorce

Helping you navigate change like a BOSS so you can own your time, energy and focus again.

Welcome to Heart Centered You- a place where you can reconnect with yourself, manage stress and infuse self care back into your daily life.

I’m Deb…Certified Yoga Nidra Meditation Instructor, Life Coach and Mama Bear to 2 boys!!

Years ago, I found myself completely overwhelmed by life’s demands, society’s expectations and my own definition of what it meant to be a good mom. I prided myself on being able to do it all…but it broke my spirit as I kept ignoring my own needs in order to pull it off. After a few years of trial and error via therapy, medication and then meditation and study…I stepped into my sense of self, found my voice and created Heart Centered You: a life coaching practice helping you navigate change and challenge so you can GROW though what you GO through.


My Story

Welcome to Heart Centered You…a place where you can reconnect with yourself, manage your stress and triggers, and infuse self-care back into your daily life. I am Deb- founder of Heart Centered You but also a mom, avid cook, athlete, yoga Nidra teacher, life long learner, daughter, friend, recipe sharer, quote lover and spirit junkie at heart! I initially created HCY as a way to inspire others and it quickly evolved into a multi-faceted hub for health, wellness, and spiritual growth! Over the past few years, the rollercoaster that is life has brought me tremendous awareness and growth.   I could not be more excited to share what i’ve learned and pay it forward!

Growing up an athlete, I know full well how amazing exercise can be for the body and mind. It is here where I truly learned how to set goals, believe in myself, how to support others and, most importantly, how to get outside my comfort zone! Be it swimming, triathlons, lifting weights, boxing, yoga or spinning with a group, I’ve always made working out a priority! It’s helped me stay strong and resilient through the toughest times in my life and kept my mind and body young at heart! When my life took a turn many years ago after having kids, I fell into a deep depression. I loved being a mom, but I felt alone in the job and lost myself straight-arming the guilt of motherhood not being enough. I craved a balance but didn’t know what that looked like or how to get it. Over time, I gained the courage to go back to school and start investing in me again. It helped create balance, but I still had to admit that divorce was around the corner and my, now ex, and I agreed that true happiness required letting go of the marriage.

Getting through another life hurdle was tough, but I knew fitness would help me stay grounded. Taking classes at Joyride gave me a safe place to feel strong, empowered and self-assured and I realized that I had a choice. I could focus on the disappointment, the fear of the unknown and “lack of control” or I could find the lessons, get to know myself again, and build new skillsets of resilience, mental fortitude, and self-awareness. I went on a wellness retreat to Honduras and was introduced to Yoga Nidra and Angel Cards…..not a day goes by since that I haven’t turned to these outlets for strength and ownership over my life. Using these tools and reading hundreds of pages of motivational gold from the works of Kyle Gray, Marianne Williamson, and Gabrielle Bernstein, to name a few, I found my way out of a very dark place. Not only had I found a healthy way to cope with life’s ups and downs, I realized I wanted to help others do the same!  What happened next?  I entered an entirely new world of self-care, stress management, holistic therapy, and spirituality. Month after month, I sought new training including  a 100 hour Yoga Nidra Teacher Training Course at Santosha Institute, a year-long  Angel Card Certification with Kyle Gray and am currently investing in continuing education in the field of neuroscience via Neurogym  and The Neurosculpting Institute. My life has been my greatest teacher and has opened my eyes to a line of work that brings me immense joy and fulfillment. May this site be a resource for you as you ride your own wave. May you lead a brave, balanced and heart centered life!


Private Coaching  with Yoga Nidra

Life can be pretty stressful, am I right?  It can feel like our circumstances dictate our peace of mind and this can make us feel out of control, resentful or, at the very least, exhausted.  Most of us are so busy being busy (or surviving the day) that we've normalized speed, stress and life on auto-pilot to the point where we feel its just part of the job. 

IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE THIS WAY.  It's old programming that can YOU can update.  You just have to say YES to looking through a new, upgraded lens. 

Take some time to invest in your energy and well being.  In a 45 min complimentary coaching call, we'll go over my coaching philosophy, take you through a free assessment and uncover the clarity you need to make the next RIGHT decision for YOU.  

More Details

Coaching (after initial assessment) Includes:

1:1 virtual sessions with Deb

Access to countless Yoga Nidra Meditations and Deb's Self Care Sun (including personalized recommendations  for spiritual practices, time management, hobbies, habits, rest, movement,  writing prompts, mindfulness activities, etc)

Weekly support and accountability in re-training old programming 

No Meditation experience necessary.