The Law of Attraction states:  We attract to ourselves what we hold inside.  Every  circumstance, every person, every situation that we attract and experience is based on what is inside us.  Your life is a reflection of what you hold inside you and what you hold inside you is always in your control.

This is Part 1 of a 4 part series all about how you can use the Law of Attraction in your life to attract and align your energy and thoughts with the life you always wanted….its about moving brain fuel to keep your thoughts on a frequency of gratitude, appreciation and trust…ahead of time!

Topics by time stamp:

:50 Episode introduction
4:40 Clip from 2018 Law of Attraction series
9:30 Whatever you seek needs to be dominant in you first and then the universe can reflect it back
11:00 Rhonda Bryne’s Quote
You can’t wait for life to change in order to feel better or make a change yourself.
13:10 Your brain is wired to look for proof of what you already believe.  It flags your dominant thoughts to filter what parts of reality it deems relevant and that’s what you pay attention to.
15:00 Action step: Use the 54321 method to start practicing neutral thoughts as a way to transition to positive thoughts when it feels like too big a jump from pain/frustration.
16:24 Energetically sending love
negative thoughts toward others don’t ever hurt them as much as they hurt YOU
18:12 When you feel judged, the best thing you can do is hold space for yourself.
No one can bring negativity to you without you giving them permission by lowering your frequency to meet them there.
21:15 Action steps for Sending love: Use any of the three phases ideas-
1. accept people are doing the best they can
2. acknowledge person as hurt themselves and reflecting that hurt
3. feel capacity for offering love, forgiveness, tolerance, good will…
Walking around in pain doesn’t help you heal or enhance your life.  Once you’ve processed your emotions, you can move through these phases and activate yoru pre-frontal cortex.  This, in turn, creates more momentum for compassion and abundance.
25:45 Brain doesn’t know the difference between reality and perception. Anticipation brings more dopamine release than the event itself.
Action steeps: Meditation and Journalling are perfect ways you can practice success, abundance, joy, gratitude…ahead of time.  Then, the Law of Attraction will photocopy that’s in your brain and reflect it in your life.  Make it a habit….what’s the worse that could happen?;)

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