This week, we have the pleasure of hearing from 3 beautiful, bright, inspiring woman who have come on this episode to share their thoughts on how they stay centered in times of overwhelm and uncertainty.

In this episode, you’ll here from:

Donna Elliott, Co-Founder of Now Is Your Time, a mindset and leadership company supporting businesses and individuals to empower and evolve through mindset mastery and wellbeing work.  They work with best selling authors, multi million dollar fashion labels and mumtreprenuers around the world.
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Jenn Acosta, Alignment Coach of 15 years, helping moms with big dreams build their lives from alignment so that they can finally have the massive impact and freedom they desire.
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Lindsey Wolf, Fitness Nutritionist and Founder of The Nourish Company, helping moms reengineer their diets, transform their eating habits, and feel confident and in control of their health and nutrition – no matter what life throws at them!
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Brief summary with Time Stamps:

3:24 Donna Elliott Intro
4:40 Donna’s Answer:  Donna uses the  “Right Now” Method to remind herself whats real, true, safe, ok right now….it helps her bridge the gap between fear and joy and keeps her from future tripping about the “what ifs” that haven’t happened yet.
6:45 Deb’s comments and elaboration.
10:14 Jenn Acosta Intro
11:03 Jenn’s Answer: She gets out of her head and back into her body.   She feels her feet on the ground, hand on heart, connects to gut….in order to hear what she needs to know.
12:47 Deb’s comments and elaboration.
15:50 Lindsey Wolf Intro
17:02 Lindsey’s Answer: Asking “Is this true”?  and Journalling!   Understanding that her ego is responding to our past stories and exposure allows her to do a gut check and make sure her fears are actually true.  And journaling works by writing down everything she’s afraid of and then writing about it…..for longer than she thinks she needs to…..its the page 2, 3, 4 that shows the truth of what’s really at the heart of her fear and what’s in control.
21:25 Deb’s comments and elaboration.
25:55 We have so much say in managing our stress.  This can be daunting and empowering!   Use these free, available resources so you can have your own back! Start where you’re at, do your best with it.  It’s hard, but it’s also a journey so give yourself support and time to take it, one step at a time.
27:55 Thank you to our contributors

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