Taking a moment to gather thoughts around how we can take a stance of compassion during this time of change and uncertainty.

This podcast was inspired by a post I saw on Facebook. It gave people permission to have some grace with themselves if they haven’t been able to have fun or create opportunities during this time.   While I teach growth mindset as a whole as a life coach, I think it’s important to understand that growth comes in all shapes and sizes. Ultimately, we have to meet ourselves where we’re at before we can look to evolve, adapt and “improve”.

Listen in for some perspective and action steps to take if you’ve been having a hard time navigating this collective life change. I hope, as a result, you come out feeling more supported and compassionate with ourself and others!

Topics discussed in order of appearance:

  • It’s ok to feel stressed and to acknowledge feelings
  • What you resist, persists
  • Our stress comes from unmet expectations (things are not panning out the way we assumed they should)
  • The human condition is 50/50 by design
  • We are in simply in the habit of our routines, resources, time, connection….
  • Historic account of crisis, war, trauma in the past 100 years
  • Loss is now top of mind, it’s now relevant to us
  • Honoring the 5 stages of grief
  • Follow your own timeline and your own path through denial, anger, bargaining, depression and then acceptance.
  • Journalling and talking with a trusted friend/family member to help yoru pass through each stage
  • Building your resilience muscle
  • Example from movie “Inside Out”
  • Normalizing and Neutralizing your feelings by giving your ego/subconscious a voice.
  • Using your Prefrontal Cortex to access resilience and feel better
  • All choices are valid, but all choices don’t make you feel better
  • Doing your best….what does that even mean?
  • Making 1% improvements consistently
  • Find your support- who can you count on…including yourself
  • Jessie Itzler accountability chart to navigate overwhelm
  • You can’t solve everything at the same time
  • Take control over your thoughts, feelings and actions….that’s where you have control in the chaos.
  • Your wellbeing is the ticket to success here! Resilience wins everyday and twice on Sunday:)


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Cheers to doing our best,

Namaste, Loved ones!