That’s right, loved ones.  A 30 min Yoga Nidra session nurtures your brain as if you took a 3-4 hour nap!

Yoga Nidra (also known as yogic sleep) holistically addresses your psychological, neurological and subconscious needs.  It’s your secret weapon, alright!

Listen in for a brief overview (just the first 8 min).   Most noteworthy, I talk about the Atman and Koshas. The Atman is your indestructible self. In contrast, the Koshas make up energetic layers that serve as lenses. However, when trauma, stress and fatigue come into play, the layers surrounding this center, the Koshas, end up influencing our interpretation of the world.  Thankfully, Yoga Nidra puts these layers to rest, allowing you to operate from a more centered, truthful, peaceful self.

Meditation starts at 8:45.  You are certainly welcome to jump right to it:)

This meditation supports inner strength and resilience.  Furthermore, use it to connect with earth’s energy and your own acorn to oak tree growth

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