Ever wonder why its so hard to break bad habits and even harder to start new, healthy ones?

This week, expand your knowledge! Gain new insights into how creating your own dopamine feedback loop can increase the chances of new, desired habits.

We tackle your brain chemistry and human evolution for an interesting look at how our past keeps influencing us. Knowing this, we can re-train our brains away from old tendencies and toward the decision making that serves us….now and in the future! Similarly, we increase self trust, confidence and energy spent in the right direction.

If you want support understanding your habitual behavior then this is the podcast for you. For instance,  Learn concepts from James Clear’s Atomic Habits.  He gives us insight into the main neurotransmitter that controls pleasure.  In addition, I’ve added some helpful tips on protecting against anxiety and overwhelm.

Topics by Time Stamp:

3:28 Definition of Neurotransmittors and how your cravings connect to body’s biochemistry

5:40 Evolution role in our changing environment and brain

7:20 Our brains haven’t evolved for the Delayed Return Environment we now find ourselves in

10:50 cost of good habits vs. cost of bad habits

12:28 Habits play off the primitive brain. Craving comes, then habit forms

13:17 Marketing hooks lead to Dopamine Spikes

14:35 Lab rat test found that dopamine gets released in anticipation of pleasure, not just during it

15:30 Predicting a reward increases motivation

17:00 Brain is designed with more receptors for wanting than liking. As a result, wanting/craving drives action.

18:00 Habit Stacking (James Clear, Atomic Habits)

20:27 Habit Stacking plus Temptation Building ( Jaces Clear, Atomic Habits)

Meet yourself where you’re at! Create your own dopamine feedback loop with these two approaches!

22:22 Building trust in yourself with habit formation

23:08 The ways you can control and support neurotransmitter balance:

Avoid sensory overload, stock up on proteins and B complex vitamins (25:40), lubricate Meilin Sheaths with healthy fats (26.40)

28:44 Macro Nutrient review for brain function

29:35 Gaba: your main inhibitory neurotransmitter

31:30 What low GABA feels like physically, emotionally and energetically

32:25 Natural ways of balancing GABA (taurine, ginger, B6, exercise…)

35.25 Practicing these strategies

Links to topics discussed

Atomic Habits by James Clear

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