Getting in front of your stress response might be the single most important thing you can do with your time and energy!

Why? Because I said so:).  Seriously thought….consider this:

Did you know your autonomic nervous system works by protecting your short term survival and long-term health?

Knowing this enables proactive and reactive investments in the self that lower stress and, as a result, increase your energy and performance.

Wired to protect us from danger, our primitive brain keeps us safe. This is helpful when we truly find our life at risk.  But, the brain can’t tell the difference between a real and perceived threat and consequently, sends the same stress response no matter what.

Furthermore, this repeated arousal leads to chronic stress, inflammation, fatigue and under-performance.  Seems like learning about how to offset this might be worth the time spent!

Listen in for a mini science lesson about the nervous system, its function and how we can get in front of the automatic, subconscious tendencies that lead us down the path of chronic stress.

1:45 The science if whats happening when you get stressed
4:25 Your nervous system in a nutshell
6:00 Sympathetic Arousal
8:00 Parasympathetic Arousal
9:28 We need the BOTH, but we tend often misuse the sympathetic response

11:30 The brain lacks context for stress and, as a result, steals brain fuel from the PFC
13:50 Why getting past blocks, finding patience, etc is so hard.  The limbic brain has a 20 year head start on the PFC
15:50 All programming is limbic weighted.  Therefor, using the PFC takes conscious, intentional effort.  When left to habit and old programming, we risk pre-mature aging, chronic fatigue, inflammation and disease.

18:10 nurturing your nervous system even when benefits are invisible
18:55 Your reactionary response via coping mechanisms may down-regulate the limbic brain but lacks PFC activation
20:50 True relaxation does both
21:55 Why investing in yourself is time worth spending!  Recovery from long term body attrition matters.
24:25 Implementing the fueling of the PFC
24:55 Physical PFC support: stretching, physical activity, journalling, singing..
27:40 Breath-work PFC support: eliciting the relaxation response and HRV

30:08 Cultivating awareness PFC support: using the 5 senses.
5 things you see
4 things you touch
3 things you hear
2 things you smell
1 thing you taste/say

32:30 Meditation PFC support
34:20 Types of meditation: mantras and affirmations, breath-work, guided imagery
36:20 Benefits of supporting your PFC and being the rising tide that lifts all ships.
39:45 How stress influences Performance and what successful business owner attributes meditation to his success!

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