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Do you run yourself ragged trying to time manage or control your surroundings in an effort to avoid discomfort?  Are you overtired no matter how much sleep you get, forced to cling to easy, convenient food/habit choices in order to offset that ever growing to-do list?  Are you asking yourself…. Why isn’t life getting any easier?


It turns out, our control lies in our inner landscape (our thoughts, habits, beliefs, assumptions, judgements), not in the external environment (our set of circumstances, the people around us). Therefore, trying to manage stress from the outside won’t actually do the trick.


Our stress results from how triggers are filtered through the energy bodies (called Koshas).  By decoding what lens we see the stress through, we uncover its deeper meaning and work toward disarming its influence.  As a result, this gives us ideas on how to fill in the missing pieces our body/mind needs to get back to center- our unchanging, blissful self, aka….the Atma.

Today’s episode overviews this concept for you and outlines an assessment you can take that will help uncover the root causes of many day to day stresses. Overall, I hope this gives you some inside into how the Koshas are influencing YOUR day to day life.

1:55 What it means to be multi-dimentional beings
4:35 Kosha names and how we attach them to stress
6:10-Descriptions of each energetic body
9:24 How all of this connects to how we interpret the world
11:20 Maya= illusion
12:30 Separating from the lens, how to peel layers away and look inward
14:00 Stress decoding assessment
15:30 Questions1 and 2  as they relate to Physical Kosha
18:03 Questions 3 and 4 as they relate to the Energetic Kosha
22:08 Questions 5 and 6 as they relate to the Mental Kosha
28:18 Questions 7 and 8 as they relate to the Intuitive Kosha
33:10 Questions 9 and 10 as they relate to the Bliss Kosha
37:10 Summary
39:20 Closing Remarks and contact info

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NEXT WEEK:  Now that you see how your stress is filtered through your koshas, next week we discuss the science behind your Stress Response and how you can protect your own well being by understanding your nervous system!  I’ll make the science lesson fun, promise:)