A famous author once said….”One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well” Virginia Wolf

She’s not wrong.
Food is an integral part of our foundational health, providing the protein for our structures, the fat for our brain and body insulation and carbohydrates that fuel every cell that breathes life into us.  Food gives us the energy to think, move and pursue goals while also fueling our stress response.  It’s all connected and we HAVE A SAY as to what kind of support we want to give our bodies and minds!

In this week’s episode, I invited Erin Livers, certified nutrition therapist, to come on the podcast and talk about the role food plays in our energy management and mental well being.  Erin discusses the importance of balanced blood sugar, how to use macro nutrients like Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats to maximize your energy stores and answers my questions about picky eaters, disease prevention and much more!

Topics discussed by time stamp:

3:48 Erin’s background and path to becoming a Nutrition Therapist
10:40 The importance and role of Breakfast and the science of what’s happening in your body overnight.
16:54 Negative effects of imbalanced blood sugar
19:40- Bio-individuality and the many diets available
26:15: How to: Balancing blood sugar
30:30 Naked Carbs and picky eaters
40:30 One change at a time….baby steps
1:05 How Erin uses food to find freedom and how to connect with Erin

Links mentioned in this Podcast

Blood Sugar Roller Coaster Handout

Breakfast ideas that contain a balance of macro nutrients

Erin’s Website
Erin’s email: erin@foodasnourishment.com

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Stay tuned for NEXT WEEK where I discuss the the Atma and Koshas….energy bodies that serve as lenses through which we view life….for better or worse.  What are they and how can we use them to find our freedom and achieve self actualization?!