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Understanding the Chakra system can be one of the greatest gifts you give yourself, empowering you with a blueprint for your own self-care. Think of them as a window into what parts of your mind, body and spirit need nurturing thus, giving you a way to harness and shift your energy in ANY direction of your choosing.   Yes, you have the power, you are in the drivers seat and you own the direction your life takes.  You just have to take the wheel.  Learning your Chakras is like learning what fuel to put in your car and how to know when you need maintenance.

Follow along as I interview Me, an amazing energy healer and founder of M.A.D.E Ministries.  She works in many roles from tarot reading to past life healing, Chakra readings to creating products that help people navigate their spiritual journey.

:45 Intro from Me, our esteemed guest!
6:03 What to expect from this episode
15:40 General Overview

18:26 Crown Chakra: Spirituality, Self Realization, Purple
Overactive- loss and disconnection
Under-active- depression, confusion
Balanced- strong trust, connectedness, faith
Advice: visualization, chanting Om

25:48 Third Eye Chakra: Fantasy, Intuition, Perception, Indigo
Overactive- paranoid, distrustful
Under-active- daydreamy, withdrawal, moody, avoids vulnerability
Balanced- open, focused, connection to higher self, morality and truth
Advice- rosemary and basil herbs via aroma therapy, purple food, oils

32:29 Throat Chakra: Authenticity, Communication, Truth, Hearing, Blue
Overactive- talkative, dogmatic, cutting people off, need to be loud
Under-active- self expression trouble, quiet, worried about acceptance
Balanced- Living authentic Self, not worried about other opinions
Advice: Singing, journalling, letter writing, elemental healing (air)

41:52 Heart Chakra: Love, Empathy, Humanity, Green
Overactive- accepting anything, co-dependance, jealousy
Under-active- abandonment, loneliness, bitterness
Balanced- Harmony, reciprocal love, forgiveness, sincerity
Advice- Chest opener yoga poses (cat and cobra), hand mudras/affirmations

46:10 Solar Plexus Chakra: Willpower, Self Control, Confidence, Yellow
Overactive- over competitive, drama, overpowering
Under-active- loss of personal power, lack of self-esteem
Balanced- confident in own skin, ownership
Advice- Crystals that match vibration of chakra (tigers eye, citrine), elemental support ( fire, candles, video/audio of fire burning)

55:40 Sacral Chakra: Sexuality, Creativity, Fertility, Orange
Overactive- hyper-sexuality, possessive, guilt
Under-active- shameful, lack of creativity, apathy
Balanced- In tune with body, creative, flexible
Advice- Water therapy, bath, swim, shower meditation, essential oils like orange, sandalwood, myrrh and pepper.

1:02:50 Root Chakra: Foundational, Sexual Organs, Survival, Red
Overactive- Fear, instability, anxious, worry
Under-active- Lazy, unmotivated, fatigue
Balanced- Secure, Stable, comfort in home life
Advice- music therapy (drumming, rhythm) red things (art, jewelry, clothing) Red root veggies

1:09 Energy Healing Modalities (Reiki, pendulum chakra readings)
1:13 How to get in touch with Me (links below)
1:14 How Me uses her spiritual tools to Find her Freedom


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