This week offers up a new way to spend your dedicated podcast time!

Join me for a brief talk about the power of affirmation, followed by a recording of a Yoga Nidra meditation I wrote using healing affirmations to cultivate self love and peace within the chaos of life.

The core of building foundational life skills and habits is knowing and becoming yourself.  This, ultimately, comes from looking within, remembering your gifts, your innate goodness and acting from that place of knowing.

Affirmations serve as a way to remember just how strong, capable and resilient we are.  They help us find the limitless potential that often lies dormant under a mountain of doubt or fear.

Use this meditation to nurture yourself, to introduce yourself to the beauty that is YOU.
Acknowledge your challenges, honor what you’re up against….and then MEET IT with your inner wisdom and strength!

Episode Time Stamps:

:40-9:24 Intro on Affirmations
9:25 Healing Affirmation Practice ( 27 min long- best with headphones )

Links to topics discussed:

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