Have you ever heard the term, Co-Create?

Did anyone ever tell you that you could co-create with the universe to manifest your desires?

Ever wonder HOW that could be? or HOW to actually do it?
Listen in for some action steps and ideas about the ways YOU can start co-creating with the universe so you can both create the life you want AND lower stress and manage your energy!!

Here are the Topics discussed in this episode (by time stamp):

2:25 What is Co-creation?
5:30 overall benefits of co-creation
6:50 Why do we need to co-create?
9:05 Option 1: using a Trust Box ( creating space outside the mind and body, avoiding toxicity and wasted time, owning feelings, acknowledging circumstances without letting them sabotage you, opening create head space to problem solve)
13:15 Creating ceremony with your Trust Box ( scripts you can say)
16:22 Priming your brain, awareness of what you have control over
18:20 Option 2: Setting Intentions and the science behind why this works!
19:45 Limbic brain vs Pre-Frontal Cortex
22:30 Benefit of freeing up space to make room for what you can control, why letting go is so hard but so necessary
23:30 The “sand in your hand” story
24:30 Advice from Kate Northrup
27:05 You don’t have to have it all figured out just yet, Team work makes the dream work!
28:00 Raise your Vibration
28:35 Option 3: Journal Prompts (accessing your deepest truths by writing from yoru future self, asking questions like what would a person who succeeded in my goal do, what do i need to learn from this experience…)
31:40 What are you willing to try?

Links to what was discussed:

Do Less by Kate Northrup

What if Prompts to get you co-creating and accessing your bigger truths!

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Finally, Stay tuned for next week’s episode where I share a healing affirmation Meditation I wrote! Lets see if you can feel even more relaxed and supported as a result:)

xoxo, Deb