Cultivating a Relationship with YOU

You will have many relationships over this lifetime. On any given day, we navigate other people in our home, jobs, hobbies, commutes, everywhere….But your relationship with yourself, while often subconscious, provides the framework and seeds to your perception of the world around you and how you plan and prioritize your life.   Therefore,  we’re about to peel back the layers of how you view your circumstances and others around you.   What you’ll find is that your perception is ACTUALLY determined by your own inner landscape…the narratives, thoughts and feelings that color everything you see.  Say What??

Topics discussed by time stamp:

3:10- Various thoughts we say to ourselves that relate to our relationships with others, work, money, time, etc
5:45- Connecting to a vulnerability within
6:20- Feeling taken for granted ( example of how to trace this back to our own valuation of self)
11:25- Action steps for what you can do the next time you feel taken for granted
13:00- When you do something genuinely…..appreciation is bonus.
15:50- Apply a self audit in other areas
16:40- The Self-Care Sun and self care within your relationships
18:00- Benefits of using the self care sun to take the pressure off the outside world and giving you all the cards!!  A review of the ways you can assess your self-care with regard to your relationship with career, others, money, the environment and your body
19:40- Career
22:40- Others
31:09- Money
36:40- Environment
38:20- Body
41:18- Recap and conclusion

Links to what was discussed in this episode:

Miracles Now: Gabby Bernstein’s book on tools for less stress, more flow and finding your purpose (podcast referred to her recommendation to buying a beautiful wallet)

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