It’s storytelling time, Tribe.   The last Tuesday of each month is now dedicated to stories and meditations…a change up from the typical weekly topic discussion and a way to continue to get to know one another…..Please email me, write a review…share your comments so I can get to know YOU!!

Today’s Episode tells the Story of my Ironman Experience at 25 and the lessons i learned that day that still guide me today….15 years later!

Episode Breakdown by time stamp:

1:05 Intro
3:45 What is an Ironman
4:20 My background and experience ( i’m a swimmer….that’s it)
5:30 My Coach’s Advice
6:35 Race Day
9:05 My Results
9:45 My 2 Takeaways
13:40 Habits and the subconscious
14:20 How retraining your brain leads to empowerment
16:30 How Coaching can be the BEST kind of support

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Stay tuned for next week….February is all about relationships and tuning in to our own spirituality!!!  Episodes include love languages, our relationship with ourselves, reconciling the term “selfish” and more.