How do YOU want to feel this year?

How you FEEL determines what you do….and what you do determines your overall results for the year.  January is a month dedicated to restructuring, building foundation and coming into our own.   Getting clear on how you want to feel will help you stay on coarse and confident in your goal setting and decision making.

In today’s episode I interview Natalie Leiker, Founder of Village Essentials online community and wildly fierce entreprenuer/mom of two. Her team supports 2000 homes in 19 countries and she is sharing her insights with us with so much openness and heart!  I loved having Natalia on as we riffed back and forth about the science and soul filling benefits of oils!

Topics Discussed: 

  • What motivated Natalia to start using oils
  • Using oils for emotional benefits
  • The science behind how oils interact with your brain
  • Practical ways Natalia uses oils with her family
  • The Feelings and Mindset of 2020 and the oils used to support them!
    • Empowered: Melaleuca (cleansing, moving energetic boundaries), Ginger (presence, empowerment), Passion Blend (motivation, movement)
    • Grounded: Balance (rooted, trees, steadiness) Frankincense (truth, wisdom, connection)
    • At Peace: Patchouli (physicality, present in your body, amplifies natural process), Reassuring Blend (peace, connection to divine, release)
  • How Natalia finds freedom through oils
  • How to connect with Natalia on social media
    • FB @village essentials with Natalia
    • Insta @village_essentials

Links mentioned in this episode

Natalia’s Doterra Website

Thats all for this week, loved ones!

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