Do you ever feel like there just isn’t enough time? That you have too much to do? But you cant afford to take a break?

We “think” this leads to overwhelm, but this is actually the result of a learned mindset…a cognitive dissonance ( fancy term for a mismatch of conscious and subconscious thought) that creates a belief ceiling about what’s true, possible or available.

In today’s episode, I break down the reasons we tend to feel overwhelm and bring some clarity as to how to dispel the myths, re-train your mindset around it, and support yourself PRO-actively.

Topics in today’s episode:

– What is overwhelm and how does it come into your life and take over
– Losing purpose in pursuit of obligation/expectation
– Do you have a willingness to fail?
– The role of Planning and Self Awareness
– Mindset Reframe for having too much to do (8:10)
– Mindset Reframe for not having enough time (16:50)
– Mindset Reframe for “I can’t afford to take a break” (34:05)
– How your body is like a tree!

Links mentioned in this Episode

Download your Free Obligation Delegation Worksheet

Neurogym Website (John Asaraf)
Upwork (online freelancers)
Fiverr (online freelancers)
Instacart Grocery Delivery
Prime Now (Whole Foods Delivery)

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