In this weeks Episode, we get down and dirty with FEAR…False Evidence Appearing Real!

All too often, this false evidence, created from our inner stories, assumptions, doubts and emotional lenses, has a tendency to hijack our pursuit of goals and personal growth.

Fear is our brain’s way of efficiently keeping us and our life safe, predictable and familiar- just the way our ego likes it.   This is helpful when we are in true danger, yes….but not when our stress is only PERCEIVED or simply a result of traveling into new energetic territory (read: growth!)

Topics Discussed:

  • The Limbic Brain and it’s role in FEAR
  • Fear and my experience zip-lining in the Dominican Republic
  • How to find Neural Cohesion: when your subconscious and conscious ALIGN!
  • Why Neural Dissonance is the #1 reason we feel stuck
  • How Reframing Fear can move brain fuel into the regions of the brain responsible for delayed gratification, problem solving, compassion, logic….the thought patterns that help you see and BELIEVE in opportunity!
  • Example of Re-framing the fear…”what if the truth hurts?”

Links mentioned in this Episode:

Re-framing Fear Worksheet from Heart Centered You:
Click Here

Honoring and Detaching From Fear Meditation on Insight Timer

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