Ever Since I read “the 4 Agreements”, these 4 simple yet impactful “rules” have become a lighthouse of sorts that guide my emotional compass.

In today’s episode, I take you through each agreement in detail, exposing the spirit of each guidepost and how to apply it to your life to decrease stress, improve awareness and add that much more fulfillment. Is it going to be easy? NO…..but the journey is well worth it!

Topics discussed in this episode:

at 2:30 Agreement #1: Be Impeccable with your word
at 18:35 Agreement #2: Don’t take things personally
at 33:33 Agreement #3: Don’t make assumptions
at 41:22 Agreement #4: Always do your best!

Links to what we talked about:

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I hope you enjoyed this episode.
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Stay Tuned for next week when we cover FEAR and what’s on the other side!