Welcome to Find Your Freedom’s First Episode!    Today’s theme is all about unravelling the myths that stand between YOU and the energy, time and focus you desire…..so that you can build a foundational life practice that supports all your roles and responsibilities!

Before you can set out on those big goals, you have to make sure you have a structure in place that can support your growth, ground you when things get overwhelming and remind you of your big picture when the triggers and change try to steer you off course.

This first episode lays the groundwork for getting over some of the most common barriers and objections to making time for that foundational work. First 10 min: introduction and bio- who’s Deb and how did Find Your Freedom come to be?

Myth 1: Self Care is just about Pampering Yourself

Myth 2: Self care is Expensive

Myth 3: Self care is too time consuming

Myth 4: Self Care needs to be earned

Links mentioned in this podcast:

Heart Centered You Self Care On Demand Workshop  Self-Care Workshop

Rachel Hollis: Last 90 Days (drinking 1/2 your body weight in oz of water)  https://thehollisco.com/pages/last-90-days

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And as always, a HUGE THANK YOU for your time and support!….stay tuned for next week when we discuss the surprising habit that’s taking 4 hours from your morning!