This week we are discussing how the science of gratitude can change not only the ways you view life but what you attract into it as well.

Topics Discussed:  
Our stress as it relates to the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nervous system
The fuel exchange between limbic brain and pre-frontal cortex
How the PFC aids in our ability to create new prediction scripts and access best self qualities
Real time steps to down-regualting our stress response and implementing an attitude of gratitude                                                                 How instilling new habits of Gratitude can change what comes into view!

Reminders on How to Implement in the moments of stress!!

  1. Rapid Fire Safety Check:  remind yourself the ways you are SAFE ( warm, dry, full belly, sun shining, cell phone, good music…) so that you can help your brain regulate and calm your nervous system out of the stress response in a non emotional way.
  2. Once you’ve come off the edge…you can start to do a Mindset Re-frame.  What are the lessons, silver linings, growth opportunities, bullets dogged, unexpected awareness/abundance as a result of the trigger you’re in?  Can you use the “Have To VS Get To” language trick to bring more supportive, hopeful and positive emotion to the event?
  3. Repeat the mantra “Good Feelings Follow Good Actions”. Remind yourself that you can’t wait for life to prove its abundance…you have to act FIRST by choosing to initiate things to be grateful for.  In doing this, your outside circumstances have less control over your happiness and you program your brain to look for more good.


Links to books/authors discussed in this Podcast

Lisa Wimberger, Founder of The Neurosculpting Institute and Author of ” Neurosculpting” :

John Maxwell, Author of “The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth”:

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