I’m Deborah Lauren

Founder of Heart Centered You and Certified Yoga Nidra Practitioner

Helping align your time and energy with what MATTERS to YOU!

A Heart Centered Approach

Learn how to find your freedom to align your goals with the habits, beliefs, and decision making it takes to achieve them!

Meet Deb

Read my story, and see why I created HCY as a way to inspire others just like you.

1:1 Private Coaching

In need of a little TLC for acute stress? 

Mindfulness Membership

Do you need more TIME? more CALM? more ENERGY?

The Mood Method:

12 week transformative coaching series

Self Care Workshop

Download this 1 hour online workshop for support in shifting your mindset and reverse engineering your needs into your calendar!  


Welcome to Heart Centered You- a place where you can reconnect with yourself, manage stress and infuse self care back into your daily life. I’m Deb…Foundational Life Coach, Certified Yoga Nidra Meditation Instructor and one busy mama!! Years ago, as a mom of two young boys, I found myself completely overwhelmed by life’s demands, society’s expectations and my own definition of what it meant to be a good mom. I prided myself on being able to do it all…but it broke my spirit as I kept ignoring my own needs in order to pull it off. After a few years of trial and error via therapy, medication and then meditation and study…I stepped into my sense of self, found my voice and created Heart Centered You, a life coaching practice helping ambitious but conflicted goal setters, just like you…achieve a centered, supported life ripe for making positive change that sticks!


“Deb has an amazing spark! Her passion for self-care is inspiring.”



“I was hitting a rough patch when I reached out to Deb through her instagram account. The first discovery call was complimentary and yet, there was so much value in that one hour! I learned that there was a plan for me to get where I wanted to be in life…I just needed to discover that path. With Deb’s direction, I paved that for myself! I conquered my fears and what was on that other side of those obstacles was a new reality greater than what I hoped for. My goals changed direction because my thought patterns shifted. The value in this program is incredible. I’m 7 weeks in and I can’t wait to embrace this new life I’ve been manifesting through following this program.”



“The transformational coaching series blew my mind! Deb put so much thought and research into each step ( which, as a very logical and research-oriented person, I appreciated) She literally guides you through each step to transforming your life into something that will make you happier, calmer and give you time for the things that really matter to you. All you have to do is show up and be willing to participate, and man is it worth it!”



“Deb is an amazing guide for self-awareness and a path to accomplishment. Through the month program, I was able to get through a number of core life goals and be on track for more long term projects. Probably most importantly, I was able to focus on priorities and clean up mental clutter that was distracting from my personal and emotional well-being. Highly recommend this commitment to self!”




Private Coaching

In need of a little TLC for acute stress? Feeling overwhelmed? Do you need someone to bounce ideas off of or strategize on coping techniques for life’s triggers?

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Come see me for 1:1 coaching sessions and leave with ACTION STEPS that have you feeling supported and motivated in your pursuits:).

Mindfulness Membership

Do you need more TIME? more CALM? more ENERGY? 

Signing up for weekly mindfulness check in's is the perfect solution to give more clarity, awareness and focus to your decision making.

Monthly Membership includes 4x 30 min or 60 min calls each month with lessons and ACTION that supports you, your goals and your lifestyle!

Self Care Online Workshop

Do you want to take better care of yourself but feel guilty doing so?

Do your needs only get met when you have extra time in your busy schedule?

Download this 1 hour online workshop for support in shifting your mindset and reverse engineering your needs into your calendar!  Your $49.99 investment Includes audio lesson, printable worksheets and a 30 min 1:1 call with Deb!

The Mood Method:

Your 12-week Path to Feeling Awesome!

Join me for A three-phase approach to ending overwhelm and aligning your desires with the beliefs, habits, and support it takes to make them happen. In person and online group coaching available!

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The mood method gives you:

  • A Baseline awareness and education of how the brain works and what pre-determined narratives drive your decision making

  • Insight into how to unpack and peel away at the various ways your triggers show up in your physical body, energy, emotions, gut/intuition and dreams that create psychological discomfort and suffocate the real, pure YOU underneath.

  • Support in creating a healthy, strong foundation for clarity and alignment.  This exposure to brain priming and re-programming enables you to set the right goals, act on them with confidence and call upon the parts of your brain responsible for problem-solving, big-picture thinking and compassion when we hit bumps in the road.

How amazing would it feel to not only recognize when you are out of alignment with your best self BUT feel prepared and empowered to build and maintain a mental and physical environment that supports your fulfilled, healthy, dynamic life!?!  You can and The Mood Method is here to walk you through each and every step forward.

In person and online group coaching available!